Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Inspiration to Reality

If you follow me on Facebook, you may remember my post with this photo:

I'd said that, while I could never pull off wearing the dress, I loved the colors and the pattern.  I could make a digital scrapbook collection out of it.  Well, I did just that!

This collection was such fun to make!  I took inspiration from all over. The bold chevron patterns and the colors are taken right from the dress.  The sunglasses are modeled after my daughter's new pair.  The flip flops have a similar pattern to a pair in my closet. 

Pinwheels - they are everywhere.  I felt like a little kid again the Saturday morning I spent making a pinwheel out of cardstock.  I scanned it, extracted it, and then colored it all different colors.  I thought a popsicle on the scanner would be a little messy, so I used a photograph.  And of course the paint splotches were made with digital brushes - so there's no mess there!

I ended up with way to much to fit into one collection, so I made coordinating products.  Coordinating solid paper backgrounds are always good:

And how about a coordinating JIF6? Make a customizable layout in minutes with this kit's included PSD file!  Includes individual JPG and PNG files.
Here are some layouts I created using the collection.  I hope they inspire you!

Save some money! All three products are available in a Value Pack:

It was a cold, hard winter, but suddenly, it's Summer!  This collection is designed with the warm colors of summer, splashed with cool aqua.  It's packed with fun, summery embellishments and energetic patterns.  Perfect for layouts about the pool, beach, picnics, vacations, or any summer leisure activities. 

Preview video:


Monica Lebsack said...

Great collection, Elisha! I loved the color palette and the collection is a perfect reflection of the photo.

Arizona Girl said...

Love the colors and how this collection all came together!

Unknown said...

This summer collection is awesome and I love the color palette. The story of your inspiration is great--glad you came across that dress. We can now make some beautiful pages! Thanks, Elisha!